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The EVFD needs your help!

The EVFD is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that receives money from community resources, grants, and donations to support our operating budget. We use this money to purchase and maintain equipment, gear, and apparatus. Additionally, we allot a large amount of our budget each year to training that helps us to respond to calls quickly, efficiently and safely.

Many people believe that many of their tax dollars are used to fund fire protection; however, this is not the case. Within the Borough of Edgewood, only 3% of the 3 million dollar budget is allocated for firefighter support. This appropriation is only used for the purchase and maintenance of the fire apparatus and is not used for training, tools, protective equipment or any other gear.

To cover the shortfall between grants and public funding, the EVFD relies on donations and contributions to help us keep the public safe. Please consider helping us by viewing the options below.

The EVFD sincerely thanks you for your continued support!

  • Amazon Affiliate Link: Through our affiliation as a non-profit, every purchase you make on Amazon through this link will help support the fire department.
  • Fund Drive: If you live in the borough of Edgewood, be on the lookout for our mailer and send back your contribution to our mailing address.
  • PayPal Donation: Make a one-time or recurring monetary donation via the button below. No amount is too big or small, and we sincerely appreciate anything and everything. In most cases, your donation is tax deductible; please consult your tax advisor.

What does it cost?

Here is an estimate of the cost of protective gear, tools, and other common equipment.

Fire Axe

“Jaws of Life”

Handheld Radio

Firefighting Jacket

Firefighting Pants

Department Pager

Firefighting Boots

Firefighting Helmet

Breathing Apparatus & Mask

Firefighting Gloves

Firefighting Hood

*Laws and regulations require many of these items to be replaced quite frequently.
We are constantly fighting an uphill battle against outdated equipment, which dramatically increases costs.