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The Edgewood Volunteer Fire Department has volunteers from all walks of life, including college students, young professionals, long-time Borough residents, and military veterans. All members work in a team environment and share the values of integrity, courage and commitment.

There is no residency requirement to join the EVFD; however, it is strongly preferred that members live close enough to respond to calls and maintain an active role within the department. EVFD offers three types of volunteer membership (see below), as well as a Junior Program for those between 14 and 18 years of age.

  • Firefighter
  • First Responder (Medical)
  • Administrative

New Membership Process

There are a number of steps that potential new members must complete, which are outlined below:


New Member Interview*
Schedule a time with the Secretary to meet with the Membership Committee either virtually or in person. This will give them a better feel for the department, and will give us a better feel for them. After this short meeting, the potential new member will be given the online application for membership to fill out, as well as the Ride Along form (see next step).


*Note: those interested under 18, please see our Junior Program.


Ride Along (optional)*
With the application, the potential member will also be given the link to the Ride Along form to fill out which the chief will then review and sign, granting permission to ride on the EVFD apparatus for a day as an observer and experience the atmosphere, members, and calls of the EVFD. Potential new members are allowed to ride up to three shifts.

*Not all potential members will get a call while a Ride Along, this is ok!


Vote for Membership
After completion of the application and background checks, new members will be voted on by the full membership during the next monthly meeting (held every first Thursday of the month). If accepted by the general membership, members will begin their probationary period of six months. New members will be given a “Probie Book” with information about the department, as well as several required sign-offs.


Training & Sign-offs
New members will be set up within the department’s paging system for calls. They will begin their training – all of which is paid for by the EVFD. This can include fire, rescue, and/or medical.


The EVFD accepts current firefighting certifications that are Pro-Board FF-1 or PA Mod 4. We also accept Nationally Registered EMTs and Paramedics as well as PA-EMTs, provided that the member can produce their current certifications.

Types of Membership


An EVFD firefighter is trained to respond to every type of call that may occur in and outside of the Borough. Though this may seem like a daunting task to those unfamiliar with the fire service, the EVFD will provide all new members with the required training free of charge, as well as mentoring new members throughout their probationary period. The EVFD issues all members a complete set of firefighter’s personal protective equipment and a department pager. Members are not required to be on-call during specific hours, but they monitor their pagers and respond to calls as much as possible. Members are welcome to spend time in the dayroom, which is equipped with high-speed wireless internet, cable television, couches, and beds.

Members are required to attend drills and meetings when possible. The fire service is constantly evolving and requires a commitment to training for the safety of firefighters and the community. In addition to orientation and weekly drills, new members should complete the Pennsylvania Essentials of Firefighting modules or Firefighter-1 in a timely manner. The PA-EFF 166-hour course is divided into four modules and teaches the basics of firefighting.  After completing their training, new members are qualified as an interior firefighter!

In addition, there are numerous courses offered beyond firefighting.  For example, many EVFD members are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and have taken courses in vehicle rescue operations, highway safety, ropes and rigging, pump operations, hazardous materials, emergency vehicle driver training, and confined space rescue. Many of these courses are offered free of charge and are designed to meet many different schedules.

First Responder (Medical)
The EVFD is a licensed Quick Response Service (QRS) and provides medical first responder services to the Borough. When high priority medical calls occur, EVFD is dispatched simultaneously with an ambulance. EVFD QRS typically arrives on scene before the ambulance and begins initial stabilization and assessment of the patient. This care can range from obtaining vital signs, providing oxygen, bandaging and splinting injuries, to performing CPR. Once the ambulance arrives on scene, EVFD crews assist the ambulance crews with treatment and transport of the patient to the medic unit.


All members who respond to QRS calls are required to be certified as First Responder level or higher. However, a new member may respond on a QRS call with a certified member to observe while in training. The EVFD will pay for First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training. Paramedics are encouraged to participate as well, however we strictly provide basic life support (BLS) care at this time.


In addition to the QRS service, the EVFD frequently responds to vehicle accidents around the Borough and on I-376. As a rescue service, the EVFD frequently handles patient care and extrication before the ambulance arrives. First responders and EMTs play a critical role on these calls and are highly valued. 

Administrative / Special Member
The EVFD is not only for firefighters and first responders.  There are many other ways to help the EVFD and your community if you are not interested in the operational side by becoming an administrative member.  We are always looking for members to provide other professional services such as writing grants, updating our website, photographing events, fundraising, planning events like community day and luminaria, providing legal and accounting services, and managing administrative tasks.

Any time and expertise donated to EVFD is appreciated and will be rewarding.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!