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Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)

Quick Response
Service (QRS)

Swift Water


Hazardous Materials Response

As a completely volunteer department, the EVFD relies on its members to respond from home when alerted for a potential emergency. The Borough of Edgewood staffs an Emergency Services Worker, tasked with the administrative duties of the Edgewood Police Department. This employee is also a member of the EVFD and a certified driver, allowing there to be an apparatus driver on duty during the weekdays from 8am to 12am. This, however, means that outside these hours on weekdays and all day on weekends, the EVFD relies solely on the responding volunteers to protect the Borough.

Our Response Area

Edgewood is home to roughly 3,800 citizens as well as multiple high-risk infrastructures. Along with protecting each individual residency, the EVFD is also tasked with the responsibility of the:


In addition to protecting the Borough of Edgewood, the EVFD also responds into many neighboring boroughs for mutual aid.

Train Today, Survive Tomorrow.

No one appreciates the above sentiment more than we do here in Edgewood. This is why we constantly strive to better ourselves as firefighters, first responders and rescuers. Our Events page shows the most updated training schedule for training held at the EVFD. These trainings are open to any other fire departments and all are encouraged to attend. Unless noted, all training is provided free of charge. To request a spot in the training, please contact Fire Chief Jared Amos here.


Although we try our best to plan our trainings well in advance on our annual calendar, they are not set until the Training Advisory is released. TAs are released 15-60 days beforehand and contain all up to date information about the training.