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Want to be a Junior Firefighter?

EVFD sponsors a Junior Firefighter program for high school students, ages 14-17, who are motivated and wish to pursue a career in firefighting, emergency medicine, or rescue services. If accepted as a Junior Firefighter, EVFD will provide and pay for training including CPR, EMT, and firefighter certification. Junior Firefighters are allowed to respond to calls and perform non-hazardous tasks during station responses. They are mentored by a senior member and are assigned tasks.

The goal of this program is to foster a greater understanding of how the fire service works and give the participant a “hands-on” learning experience. Like all other members, Junior Firefighters must participate in drills, trainings, and meetings. This is a great opportunity for a high school student to work in a team environment and learn the values of integrity, courage, and commitment. Junior Firefighters will receive personal protective gear and complete the orientation process. In addition, Junior Firefighters are encouraged to complete as much training as possible. At the age of 18, Junior Firefighters start their probationary period with EVFD and can complete their firefighting certification.